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   The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

Structure of the 9th IACC:

9th IACC: The Organisers

The structure agreed on for the organisation of the 9th IACC consists of the IACC Council, its Academic Committee and its Secretariat (Transparency International), the South African Host, a South African Organising Committee, a South African Executive Committee, a Secretariat and a professional Conference Organiser for logistics. The South African Organising Committee will prepare the Conference in collaboration with the IACC Council (and its secretariat Transparency International), which manages the Conference series. Transparency International-South Africa will create a Special Project to provide the Conference Secretariat.

IACC Council

The IACC Council was established in September 1996, with Transparency International as its Secretariat. Its principal goal is to provide advice and assistance to the Host of each conference and to ensure that each conference is conducted in accordance with the principles contained in the "Guidelines for the Holding of the International Anti-Corruption Conference".The Council and TI contributed greatly to the success of the 8th Conference in Lima, and are now providing follow-up to that conference and support for the preparation of the 9th IACC planned for October 1999 in Durban, South Africa. The objectives of the IACC as stated in the Guidelines, are "...to stimulate the global exchange of experience and methodology in controlling corruption and foster international cooperation among citizens and institutions from all parts of the world".

The Council's members and their contact numbers are as follows:

Kevin Ford, Chairman       Executive Director & Counsel
Legal Department, Goldman, Sachs,
London, England
Former Deputy Commissioner, N.Y.C. Dept. of Investigation
Tel: 44-171-774 5182
Fax: 44-171-774 1989
E-Mail: Kevin Ford@gs.com
Jan van der Steege
      Secretary, Dutch Police and Society Foundation
Dordrecht, Netherlands
Fax: 31-78-631 3580
E-Mail: smvp@indi.nl
Peter Eigen
      Chairman, Transparency International, Berlin,
Former World Bank Director
Tel: 49-30-347 82000
Fax: 49-30-347 03912
E-Mail: pe_ti@transparency.org
Michael Hershman       Chairman, Decision Strategies/Fairfax International
Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Fax: 1-703-207-0803
E-Mail: mhershman@dsfx.com
Michael Johnston
Academic Committee
      Professor of Political Science, Colgate University,
New York, USA
Fax: 1-315-228 7883
E-Mail: mjohnston@mail.colgate.edu
Daniel Li       Director of Investigation, Operations Dept.,
Independent Commission Against Corruption,
Hong Kong, China
Fax: 852-2810 8971
E-Mail: mrcpk@hkstar.com
Peter Nagle       Member of Parliament for Auburn, Parliament of
New South Wales, Australia
Fax: 61-29-643 2222
Carlos Morelli       Engineer
Lima, Peru
Fax: 51-1-452 0485
E-Mail: morbell@amauta.rcp.net.pe
Soli Sorabjee       Attorney General of India, New Delhi
Fax: 91-11-463 4014
E-Mail: soli@sapta.com

South African Organising Committee

   Name & Surname


Mr. Vusi Pikoli

      Justice Ministry

Dr. Sandi Baal       Public Service Commission
Mr. Barney Beck       WCRP
Mr. Mohammed Bhabha       Chairperson of Standing Comm. Const. Affairs
Mr. Bennie Bunsee       Ministry of Justice
Mr. Clive Burrows       Ministry of Justice
Ms. Lala Camerer       Institute for Security Studies
Mr. Johnny de Lange       Chairperson of Standing Comm. Justice
Dr. Bernie Fanaroff       Dep. Dir. General NCPS
Ms. Maureen Forbes       IACC
Mr. Andre Fourie       National Business Initiative
Mr. Harry Letsebe       FXI
Ms. Bonisiwe Makhene                       Ministry of Justice
Mr. Salie Manie       Chairperson of Standing Comm. (Public Admin.)
Mr. Michael Mkhize       Public Service Commission
Mr. Mandla Mnyathedi       IDSEO
Mr. Buya Mthetheleni       Health Special Investigating Unit
Mr. Mossie Myburgh       Banking Council
Mr. Mpho Nawa       Transparency International - SA
Mr. Gary Pienaar       Public Protector
Rev. Barney Pikyana        
Ms. Alta Prinsloo       SACA
Ms. Safoora Sadek       Sangoco
Prof. Sangweni       Public Service Commission
Ms. Janet Schofield       L.A.W.
Mr. Gideon Serfontein       Auditor General's Office
Ms. Marike Steenberg       IDSEO
Dr. Stiaan van der Merwe       Transparency International - SA
Mr. J.J. van Rensburg       Business Against Crime