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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

The Papers

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Day 3, Workshop 4

Ruzindana, Augustine :
Parliamentary Accountability and the Control of Corruption

Honourable Ruzindana argues that the rapidly accelerating forces of globalisation are shaping both the causes and consequences of corruption, and heavily conditioning the means available to control it. Globalisation facilitates corruption but also creates opportunities for parliaments to fight it through international co-operation in the development and enforcement of international codes of conduct. Corruption remains a very serious problem in many African countries although there is also evidence of progress being made in bringing it under control. Using APNAC as an example, Hon. Ruzindana stresses the great importance of African parliamentarians sharing information, experience and lessons learned to strengthen parliaments as institutions of accountability in the fight against corruption.

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Zulu, Lindiwe :
Parliamentary Leadership and Executive Domination - What Should Be Done?

Honourable Zulu argues that state institutions are being scrutinised as never before because people want practical results from government. In the case of parliaments, oversight of the executive is a key responsibility which explains why Ministers and their officials resent MPs. Often the oversight role is performed poorly, because of lack of political will on the part of both parliamentarians and members of the executive; lack of support staff and services to allow MPs to adequately analyse the material put before them by the executive; and intimidation of MPs by Ministers. A number of recommendations a presented, and it is discussed how APNAC will be utilised as a tool for strengthening accountability in Gauteng parliament.

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