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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

The Papers

Statements to Plenary from the Panel
13 October 1999

Augustine Ruzindana
Chair of Public Accounts Committee
Ugandan Parliament

Mr. Chairman, I am a Member of Parliament, as you have said, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee. I have been in the anti-corruption struggle for a long time, I started the office of Inspector General of Government in 1986 in Uganda, I headed it for ten years and retired and went to Parliament. Currently I am on the advisory board of Transparency International and recently we formed an African parliamentary network against corruption and I am chairman of it. I am glad to say we are having a workshop immediately after this plenary and members who are here are invited to come to our workshop where we shall develop the role of Parliament in fighting corruption. I'd like to say at least two things: one that the image of Africa as being corrupt must change. Corruption in Africa must be made risky and that's why we need an African anti-corruption convention. We are all having different policy changes in Africa and all these policy changes should incorporate an anti-corruption impact assessment. Second, in Africa the most important task now is to build viable, credible institutions, which would fight against corruption.

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