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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

The Papers

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Day 2, Workshop 9

Larmour, Peter
Developing a Masters Unit in Corruption and Anti Corruption:

The paper summarises the elements of a Masters level course on Corruption and Anti Corruption offered at the Australian National University (ANU) since 1998. This paper considers some issues in the design and delivery of the course, particularly a) the transferability of institutions such as an ICAC; b) issues of relativism and culture; c) economic and other approaches to corruption; d) the point of application, and timing, of training; e) sustainability; and corruption prevention within training institutions.

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Wong, Fanny:
Community And Public Education: The Hong Kong Experience

The paper describes the importance of active involvement and commitment of the community in developing and sustaining the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong. For the public to contribute through reporting graft, public education was needed to: a) change public awareness so that acting against corruption was seen as a responsibility and possibility for each individual; b) convince potential whistle-blowers that they would be safe from retribution; c) make the reporting process as easy as possible. Both the mass media and extensive face-to-face contact at the local level are adopted in ICAC preventative educational work.

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