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Programme Papers from the 9th IACC
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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

The Papers

Abstracts of presentations

Day 2, Workshop 6

Shrestha, Aditya Man:
Case Studies from Nepal on Media and Corruption

The paper presents six brief case studies of media related corruption cases in Nepal.

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Vogl, Frank:
The Media & Corruption

Corruption makes for interesting news. However, the media is often too indiscriminate in what it reports on as grand corruption, tending to focus on smaller digressions as home, rather than the corruption which is truly devastating to human rights and human dignity in much of the developing world and in Eastern Europe. TI has done much to publicise the issue of corruption, but there is still much to be done internally in the area of public relations. There are three main points for the press to remember: first, the press must be still more forceful in highlighting the major corruption issues and their humanitarian and political consequences and not get overly distracted by the minor corruption scandals, however juicy they may be; second, the press must constantly challenge and it must challenge everyone; third, the press must constantly remind society that without a genuinely free press, the corrupt will always feel safer.

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