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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

The Papers

Abstracts of presentations

Day 2, Workshop 5

Brademus, Dr. John:
"Countering Political Corruption: Can Money in Politics Be Contained?"

The paper describes the financing of campaigns for public office in the USA, at state and national level. A group of American business leaders, the Committee for Economic Development (CED), released recommendations for improving the system of campaign finance this year, which are outlined. It is believed that political systems best equipped for preventing and challenging corruption are democracies. For elections discipline politicians to represent the interests of their constituents and give voters the opportunity to penalise candidates who appear to be in the pockets of special interests. But voters need information on candidates' records and on the money -- both campaign contributions and gifts -- they have received. The campaign financing regulations of several other developed countries are compared with the US American case and specific campaign reforms are suggested.

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Cepeda Ulloa, Fernando:
Financing Politics and Corruption

This article focuses on why it seems that in Colombia corruption has increased despite the fact that many efforts have been made towards constitutional, legal, and institutional reforms, publicity campaigns, modifications on Justice Administration, among others. At the same time, why is there no perception that there have been advances in this matter if real efforts have been made? To address this issue, several factors that characterise the Colombian case are addressed: impunity, narco-corruption, clientelism, anti-democratic financing of campaigns, institutional inefficiency, violence, institutional delegitimation, among others. Finally, it emphasises the need for reforms in political campaign inanition as part of an effort to fortify the political system and make it transparent.

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National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI):
Legislative Ethics: A Comparative Analysis

The paper presents a comparative perspective of corruption in democratic legislatures and their role in combating it. Codes of Conduct; Ethics Rules and Financial Disclosure Requirements; and Enforcement and Education are also addressed. The legal provisions of several countries in these areas are presented in tabular form as an annex.

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