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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

The Papers

Abstracts of presentations

Day 2, Plenary Workshop

Gore, Al:
Remarks by Vice President Al Gore

Institutions are needed which will change the consequences of corruption actions. Corruption is stealing from the nation and especially from the poorest citizens.

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Ouattara, Alassane D.:
The Fight Against Corruption Must Come From Within

Corruption is detrimental to the economy and to the fabric of society as a whole. Africa now at a crossroads and must respond to the challenges of globalisation with effective governance. The most important aspects are: redefining the role of the state; an uncompromising respect for the rule of law; civil service reform; a proper role for civil society and; the institution of free and fair elections, and their corollary, the smooth and peaceful transfer of political power.

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Timofeev, Lev:
Corruption and illegal economic practices as they are reflected in everyday life and social consciousness in Russia

The criminal groupings that grow rapidly in political influence and acquire increasing public prominence pose a serious threat to the immature Russian democracy. The criminal community aspires to direct the activities of the legal authorities. The very notions of legal and illegal are becoming blurred and uncertain both in economics and the everyday life and public opinion of Russian society at large. It is this uncertainty that has become the object of the research included in the project "The effects of the shadow economics, criminal- controlled business and organised crime on the social structure and political decision-making process in Russia". The results of the first phase of this study, consisting of in-depth interviews with 1800 households throughout Russia, are presented. The data confirm the hypothesis that a majority of Russian citizens are regularly involved in the shadow economy and bribery, and that acceptance of this activity is relatively high.

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Salim, Emil :
Toward Development with Integrity

The ideal goal of a society is to balance the political power of the state with the economic power of corporate business and social power of the civil society. In a corruption society, this triangular balance is upset, with detrimental effects for society. The paper notes what each sector needs to do in order to ensure the existence of checks and balances on power and influence, which lead to increased transparency and integrity in society. This balance is not limited to the domestic sphere but must include international actors.

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Shin, Myoung-Ho:
Developing Effective Anti-Corruption Strategies In A Changing World

The paper describes the effects of corruption on Asian economies and society and presents the Asian Development Bank's policy against corruption.

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